John Bell Lecture: Quantum Biology with Professor Jim Al-Khalili

Sunday 26 February, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Suitability: 14+


John Stewart Bell, a Belfast scientist and Queen’s graduate, made one of the most profound scientific discoveries of the 20th Century. Known as Bell’s Theorem, his work on non-locality resolved a long standing dispute involving Albert Einstein and showed that Einstein’s views on quantum mechanics were incorrect. In honour and recognition of Bell’s contribution to the field of quantum physics, the Institute of Physics is delighted to present the first annual John Bell lecture.
At this special event, Professor Jim Al-Khalili will delve into the fascinating field of quantum biology, examining the impact of recent research and what this means for our understanding of what life really is.
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Whitla Hall
Queen's University
Belfast BT7 1NN


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